Kids are Good Enough for the Four Seasons

The Four Seasons restaurant in New York recently had their annual “Childrens Day,” where tots ages 5-14 get to eat free (sadly, their parents have no such free lunch, and will have to fork up for the Four’s fine fare.) And no children’s menu, so kids are encouraged to try the “Seared Block Island BLACK BASS, with Corn-Chanterelle Risotto and Truffle Popcorn or the Filet of BISON, Foie Gras with Perigord Black Truffle” or anything else on the Pool Room or Grill Room lunch menu.

No complaints, no controversy so I’m not sure if Gothamist will chime in, as they do anytime anyone complains about a child dropping a fork.

If a restaurant wants a no-child policy, that is their prerogative, but The Four Seasons obviously think it is good for business to be child-friendly Although there are TONS of child-friendly restaurants in Brooklyn it’d be nice if some of the finer ones thought this way as well (I’m looking at you Rosewater.)


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