Barrio Closing? Park Slope’s Restaurant Bermuda Triangle?

One of my favorite local restaurants seems to be in limbo.  The windows of Barrio have been papered up for the last week.  Rumor is it’s closing, and although some say that they are just “renovating” it seems odd.  If they were renovating you’d think they would have something about it on the door (which they do not.)

Well, I hope they are renovating, they may not be El Buli, but they were a good standby with solid margaritas and a great staff.

What is with that corner?  Restaurants open, seem to be doing fine, then disappear overnight.  Barrio seemed to do a decent business and now might be gone. Catty-corner, Sette, recently shut their doors after 5 years. And I don’t know how long Cheeburger, Cheeburger is going to last with 200+ burger places within 5 blocks, but that location has been at least 6 places in the last 10 years.

I hope Barrio fares better than the USS Cyclops. If not, hopefully they’ll make an “In Search Of” episode about the corner of 7th Avenue and 3rd Street.


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