Bitter Blog for Sale

These boots are made for branding.

I just finished reading the NYT article “Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy Building My Brand” and about Bloogy bootcamp.

Bored mothers used to start a vanity business around their passion, “Chomping at Knit Knitting”, “Doggie Couture”, “The Erotic Cheese Wheel”…  Some succeeded, most didn’t, but it didn’t matter, they were finding an outlet with something they felt they could share with the world.

Now, with blogs, anyone can start spouting off like an expert with insights, but without any insight or expertise, and judging from some of these “parenting” blogs, any passion for what they write about. In fact, a lot of these bloggers genuinely seem to hate being a parent, so I’m not sure why they would use their free time to rehash how much you hate your life.  The answer, to create their “brand” and sell it.

Now, I’m not talking about the people (I put myself in this category) who just are using “the Blog” as a cathartic, creative, or  sharing experience. I’m talking about the people who go to Bloggybootcamp, Moms 2.0 and the like, who want to build their “brand,” court sponsors, and look for mommysite VCs (if there are such things.)

I understand that blogging is a new medium, a hybrid of a personal journal and citizen journalism. But what makes blogs interesting is the individual, not the group-think. I guess nasty and snarky is easier to sell than earnest. And some these seminars reek of Tom Vu.

I know,  this make me sound like a 21st century crank.  Oh well.  I just am sick of the bitter blog trend.


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