Can a not even three-year-old be a sarcastic smart ass?

I’m not sure if he is trying to be funny or not, but my nearly 3-year-old son has been cracking me up lately.  And not with the usual silly baby stuff, real smart ass retorts. But coming from a two-year-old, they are killing me.

Nate: Daddy, what is that white thing on your face?
Daddy: Where?
Nate then spits on my cheek and laughs. (I’m incensed, but have to laugh.)

After throwing a temper tantrum
Mom (frustrated): Nate, do you have mental problems?
Nate: Do you?
(Mom still frustrated, Dad laughing hysterically, asking Mom, “well?”)

While on the potty
Mom: Nate, Why are you touching your penis?
Nate: Because I don’t want to touch my head!

That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

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