First they came for the Hipsters…

1-glasses51UnFjVbedL._SL1500_The New Yorker had a satirical piece, “MISSED CONNECTIONS FOR A-HOLES.”  It was a parody of Craigslist’s Missed Connections, but instead of saying how charming they found a stranger,  they say how annoying they found them.My problem was I couldn’t tell if the piece was making fun of the annoying people, or the people complaining about them?There seems to be a lot of anger and bitterness these days about anyone who seems deliberately esoteric  or different.  Or don’t follow some unwritten cultural rule.  And this is usually regardless of whether it harm or inconveniences anyone, its almost alway a matter of principle.

That is usually when someone throws out the no pejorative “hipster.” Apparently anyone doing anything you dislike is a “hipster.”

When you write about how you want to punch a hipster with his ironic facial-hair or expensive bicycle, doesn’t make you an everyman hero, it makes you an intolerant self-righteous jackass.

And guess what, no matter who you are, someone thinks you’re a hipster.

“Who does that guy think he is ordering pasta?  Pasta? They’re called noodles, hipster!”

I’m not saying other humans aren’t annoying, but wishing physical violence on someone because they are annoying and different doesn’t make you Rosa parks.

The rampant  bitterness over such trivial things as someone’s clothes, mode of transit or facial hair is almost enough to turn me off of the Internet, but until the library periodical section gets a better selection of pictures of cute animas of different species cuddling, I’m here to stay, with my crusade of promoting a scrap of decency toward your fellow man.