Peanuts Special Recalled Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination

ABC is recalling some of its Peanut Christmas and Thanksgiving Specials because of possible salmonella contamination. The New York based network says the specials covered would have been aired during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

A spokesman for the company was quoted as saying, “Wha-wha wha whaw, whaw wha wha wha.”

Salmonella is bacteria resulting in fever, cramps and nostalgia that lasts for several days and can require hospitalization and the learning the true meaning of Christmas.


Overused Internet Phrases

I think its time to put a moratorium on the following cliched, unfunny internet memes (truth be told, these really weren’t clever when they were new):

FAIL- This seems to be the internet equivalent of the “asshole” chant from the high school cafeteria when someone dropped a tray. One word taunting of someone’s misfortune generally come from mooks and frat boys. (Did anyone really think “Not!” as an insult was ever clever?)

[BLANK]-porn– (ie food-porn, real estate-porn, cabin-porn) Please, when I’m trying to look up porn, I don’t need to get bogged down with pictures of quaint country homes next to scenic lakes.

[BLANK]-mageddon (snowmageddon, carmageddon , trainmageddon) Trust me, when the Four Horsemen come, they won’t be talking about snowstorms or traffic delays.

EPIC– (Often accompanied with FAIL) Unless you are talking about The Divine Comedy, Ernest Shackleton or a David Lean film, then find another word.

More to come…

The Parking-Savant on Residential Parking Permits

Have you ever complained about how cold it was only to be rebuffed by a friend from the mid-west or upstate who would say something like, “This is nothing, 20 degrees is a warm spring day in St Paul”?  Well, when it came to finding a parking in spot in Park Slope, I was the guy from St. Paul.

After college I lived in Hoboken for a few of years, and I can say with complete honesty, finding a parking spot in Park Slope is a piece of cake compared to getting a legal spot in Hoboken.  The average search time there was 45 minutes, and that wasn’t just looking for the “dream spot” in front of your building, your search radius had to be at least 10 blocks if you realistically wanted to find a space. Circling for 90 minutes was not unusual in the Mile Square City.

I don’t bring this up to say that The Slope has it easy on the parking front, we don’t. Parking here bites.  But I mention it because of recent talk about Brooklyn getting residential parking permits.  Parking has always been bad here but this is being discussed now because people are concerned about the influx of cars to the new Barclay’s Center. With residential parking permits, local residents would pay a yearly fee, and parking spaces would be allotted as resident parking only.

It looks good on paper, but Hoboken had residential parking, and it didn’t help at all.

I’m not entirely opposed to a residential parking permits, but I doubt they will be a panacea for the parking problem in Park Slope. The truth is there are more cars than there are spots, so there is now magic bullet to fix the problem.  But since I consider myself a parking-savant, I’ll propose my ideas on what could be done, long-term and short-term, to ease the parking burden.

More to come.